Button your trap!  

Anyone else hear that a lot as a kid?  I've always talked too much. My folks named me GAB-rielle & I speak for a living! No coincidence here... just keep walking.

Voiceover is my first love & 'day job'.  But here, I can talk about buttons, gemstones & other magical things that feed my chatty soul. 

I have a NEED to make things, so my house is always full of crafty projects & experiments.

I'll see beauty is an old, forgotten thing and go about making it new. I'm literally always making something - jewelry, blankets, mixed-media art, collages, or food!


Last year, chatting with a colleague from San Francisco, I was struck speechless by a bauble on her finger. "Where did you get that ring!?!" 

And that was the start of Buttons Up CLT.  Entranced with the stunning craftsmanship of a button, I immersed myself in the art, history, and story of buttons. 19th & 20th century, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Victorian, Edwardian, Steel cut, Picture buttons; brass, pewter, Czech glass,  French enamel, mother of pearl - all unlike any buttons I had ever seen. 


Most vintage metal buttons are brass, steel, tin, aluminum, or sterling silver. I try to denote the material you are buying whenever possible. All our rings, pendants and earrings are mounted in durable, non-reactive settings, to keep costs down, (with a few exceptions that include precious metals and gemstones). 


We make antique, vintage, one-of-a-kind, conversation starters. I hope you enjoy our affordable antique button jewelry as much as I do.


The handmade vintage button jewelry at Buttons Up CLT, are beautiful, history saving adornments (many of the buttons in our jewelry are over 100 years old.) Please know that these are not mass produced, cheaply made, Snap Button style products. They are genuine works of art that you can wear!

No two of our jewelry creations are alike and each piece is full of character, charm, luster, and patina.


Lots and lots of patina!


And since we make and assemble each piece by hand,  we are also usually covered in tarnish. We don't mind. Here's hoping we all age as well as these buttons! 

Gabrielle Nistico - Gabby

I'm a woman who does too much & I don't know how to slow down. 

I'm a voiceover actor and coach, author, podcast host, gem enthusiast, wife, dog & cat mama, and a button junky thrift-hunter.

I'm a mental health advocate who loves the beach and mountains equally, and I can't get enough of either.  In between work and play, I hold weekly meetings 

with my Multiple Sclerosis to remind both my illness and me, that i'm still the boss and I intend to keep it that way. 


Please connect with us on social media. 

                                                                                              XO - Gabby

rock and roll

I became a gemstone collector & hobbyist miner a number of years ago. It started innocently enough with jewelry. Then I bought a rock. Then another. Pretty soon we had to buy a display case for them.  The display case grew into what friends now call 'the museum'. 


Rock collecting became a family affair as my husband, brother, and step-daughter all found their own appreciation for gems and minerals.  We admittedly developed a habit and needed a support group!


So we sought out the gem community, both to share our passion, & further our education/addiction. 

We heard many people say - 'you can't keep them all'.  Hmm. Challenge accepted!

Alas, our geologic mentors are correct. At some point, you have to part ways with some of your stones. Otherwise, you cease to be a collector and become a hoarder. Since we have no desire to be a part of that TV Show, we decided it was time to sell some rocks. 

We're fortunate to have a plethora of gem mines, shows & rock and crystal hunting opportunities in North Carolina.  

Soon we'll begin to offer a small selection of gems and minerals in our online store and at live events.