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rock gem mineral postage stamp art

Humans have always been fascinated with precious stones earthly treasures. Countries all around the world with strong mining economies frequently feature gems, minerals, and metals as postage stamp themes.  We fell in love with the vibrant illustrations, artistry, colors and of course, the subject matter of these beautiful stamp sheets. 


What we sell are known as First Day of Issue collector's sheets. They are in short supply.  Many are rare and numbered.  As postal communication continues to dwindle, these sheets will become increasingly more valuable to collectors. 


These are not copies or reproductions - this is actual postage issued from the postal service of the country of origin.  Some of the most striking sheets come from Guinea, Mozambique, Togolaise, and other African countries. 


We have paired the stamp sheets with beautiful, reclaimed wall and desktop frames that enhance their beauty.  Hand assembled in the USA, these are completely original works of art. No two are ever the same. 

gifts for rockhounds

Why is it so hard to find gem and mineral decor and art prints? Bugs, plants, and birds aplenty. But no rocks.  We can't be the only rockhounds that are looking! 


Gabby managed to get two rare, beautifully illustrated French books from the early 19 hundreds filled with bookplates. We plan to eventually high-resolution scan,  print, frame, and sell them as wall art. 

She also became an accidental Philatelist (stamp-collector.) In locations where gem & mineral mining are an important part of the economy/culture, postage stamps and commemorative postal sheets feature gems & minerals. We can't begin to describe how incredible they are!

These stamps are illustrated, colorful, vibrant works of art - that get licked, stuck to an envelope and roughly handled by mail carriers! Appalling! Nothing this beautiful should be treated with so little reverence. And with traditional mail on the decline, gem & mineral stamps are becoming scarce.  

So we started pairing gemstone stamps from around the world with reclaimed and recycled picture frames for a unique gift any rockhound, gem lover, mineral enthusiast or crystal healer will adore!


These little gems (no pun intended) let you own a hard-to-find, bank-breaking gem or mineral. And since most gem lovers have a favorite stone, this is another way to admire your favorite earthly treasure. Most of our Gem Stamp art is desktop frame sized, 5x7 or smaller. However, we have a few, large, wall hanging pieces that are spec. tac. ular.   

We've been introducing stamp art to the market slowly. Starting with gem and mineral collectors at local gem shows in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Contact us to discuss available stock or a specific gem, mineral or locality and take a peek at the gallery above. 

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