We ship all of our products with a guaranteed safe arrival. All U.S. shipping & handling is free unless otherwise specified. Please request rates for foreign shipping.  All items are ensured with the delivery carrier for the value paid by the buyer and or the replacement value of the item. 



We do not accept returns on an undamaged item.  Please ask questions and look at all photos- especially those of gem and mineral specimens & size information before you place an order.


We package orders very carefully to ensure their safe arrival. If an order arrives to you damaged, we ask that you:


- Save all original packing and boxes.

- Email photos of the damaged item to info@buttonblingshop.com


We will then come to a mutual agreement regarding full or partial item refund.  And we may ask that you ship the item back to us. We'll send you a postage paid packing slip in order to do so. 


Before you buy please know and understand the conversion of length from Metric to Imperial. The chart to the right will help. 


Mineral specimens can be a disappointment if you do not understand the size of the specimen you are buying. 


1 Inch = 25.4 mm which also = 2.54 cm



please note that the buttons in the item you have purchased are between 50 and 130 years of age!

So while they are not fragile, we do recommend treating them gently to preserve their beauty for the future.


The buttons in your jewelry may be slightly dented, scratched, or flawed. This is normal, and we think these tiny defects are part of what gives character to each item we make for you. Please view all pictures carefully to ensure that you are not disappointed with your purchase.  

We will always denote when a button is sterling silver. However, Aside from gold or silver, it very hard for us to accurately identify the exact base metals that may be present in an antique button.  

In order to best preserve and protect your purchase

1. Do not submerge your button jewelry in water. Remove rings prior to washing hands.

2. Avoid harsh chemicals & jewelry cleaners. 

3. Use a soft, clean cloth to clean your mother of pearl, celluloid, plastic, gemstone, rhinestone, wood or any other non-metal button, wipe gently and use a damp cloth to remove any stubborn debris. 

4. You may use a jewelry polish cloth to clean your brass, copper, silver, aluminum or other metal button item. Avoid vigorously cleaning or over polishing metal buttons. The natural patina that metal developed with age can be easily stripped from the button. This will significantly change your item's appearance.

5. The buttons in your jewelry have been secured with jeweler grade adhesives that create a strong and permanent bond. In the rare event that a button separates from its finding, you may use a small amount of fast drying, super-glue adhesive to repair the bond.


6. All backings, findings, posts (and any other part of our jewelry that touches your skin)  is made of a nickel-free, lead-free, copper-free alloy that will avoid skin reactions for most people. We cannot, however, say the same thing for the metal buttons! They are old and made from a variety of different metals that may cause allergic reactions for people with sensitive skin.